17 July, 2009

Forgiveness Friday

i believe very strongly in grace, gratitude, and forgiveness. i think that carrying around darkness or very strong ill feelings in your heart towards others is just not good for you... that, and it strong messes with your ki, your chi, and whatever form of energy flow you happen to believe in.

so, i think that Friday is a good day, for me anyway, to forgive a few big things, or even the few little things that have led me away from my bliss this week.

1. to the check-in girl at the orthopedic office who was stoic in making every attempt to NOT help me yesterday.... you're young, pregnant, and just following the company line...i forgive you.

2. to my mother, who, no matter how much we can be at each others throats on any given day, is immediately there and available at the first sense she may be needed... i forgive you for always being so negative about things in my life of which you don't approve.

3. to my friend, who, during my most recent crisis, has been notably absent. i forgive you.

4. to myself... i'm way too hard on you, never really giving you an opportunity to either rest or, well do anything. i know nothing you ever do is good enough. i forgive you.

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  1. Forgiveness is such a good thing for the soul - brings us a lightness of spirit!


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