06 August, 2009

Dodging Buses - Guest Blogger, Melissa

Yep, still mending. So today, my wonderful friend Melissa, from Recognizing Me, is filling in for me with a blog a lot of us can relate to, I'm sure.

My job sucks. The corporate culture is one of stepping all over each other in the endless quest to get to the top. There is regular finger-pointing, name calling and attempts to throw each other under whatever bus is passing by on the downtown connector. The drama is off the charts.

I checked out a long time ago. I’ve been dragging myself out of bed each day and slloowwwly making my way into the office - partly because of sheer dread and partly because of the miserable Atlanta traffic. My only goal with my current company is to collect a paycheck until I can find something better.

The culture has only gotten worse given the current economy. People are afraid to lose their jobs, so they are trying to shine the corporate spotlight on themselves at whatever cost. Look at me! I’m doing my job! I punched my time card on time! I stayed until midnight in my frantic attempt to impress you! See, I don’t deserve to be laid off or fired!

People tell me I should be happy that I have a job, especially with the high unemployment numbers thrown in our faces each night on the evening news. I suppose. I do make good money. I have collected awards to add to my resume. I do get to work from home once in awhile. What more could I want?

Hmm... let’s see. I want to be treated with respect. I want the male dominated industry that I work in to not be threatened by a successful female. I want my company to practice what it preaches in its marketing slicks. I want to feel confident that my team will deliver for me without a million excuses or the regular “that isn’t my job” attitude. I want the actors in the crowd to take a bus to Hollywood so the rest of us can move on from the daily drama.

I desperately want to tell off the people who regularly try to throw me under all of those buses - fortunately without success. I want to dash through the halls of my building doing a running rendition of the Truffle Shuffle from Goonies, while flailing my arms and making weird mouth noises. I want my co-workers to see the insanity that they are causing.

Sigh... but, I do nothing. I keep my professional hat firmly planted on my head so as not to risk my job or my reputation. I smile and act like I care about the latest product-of-the-month or the most recent corporate rah-rah chant they’re forcing down our throats. I put in my time each and every long-ass day.

Secretly though, I’m plotting my escape. I plan to drive off into the sunset on one of the buses I’ve been dodging for years. That way, they can start looking over their shoulders for me.

Maybe I’ll see if Chunk wants to join me on the ride. I’m sure he could give me some pointers on improving my Truffle Shuffle.

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