22 January, 2010

my happy this week!

i had an absolutely awful, terribly horrible week at work.

BUT!  i had an incredibly productive week at work that ended on a high note!

AND!  i finished my Irish Lace Scarf, and i love it! (see blog post of earlier this week).
it took a week of steady work to finish, was very intricate and it makes me completely
happy in the face to have it done.  i've worn it the last two days to work and i'm thrilled with
how it wears and how it makes me feel.

funky and eclectic are the order of the day for me of late.

my happy for the day is just that.. that i'm me.



  1. Hi, Mercedes! Your Irish Lace Scarf is beautiful! It would certainly make ME happy! Hope your weekend is scrumptious!

  2. Funky and eclectic! Yay! That makes me smile!

  3. Love that song and video clip - will have to have my daughter come here to watch it. She's been going through some tough times and this would really perk her up!
    Your scarf really is fabulous! Hope work is better this week - and that you are able to come up with more happy.

  4. Pamela, Lisa and Becky, thanks so much for visiting and for sharing in my happy!


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