01 March, 2011

thoughts that sustain

early to bed, early to rise.

lots of sweat.

zero bullshit.

tend to the body that is my temple, treat it well. rest it. water it. feed it good, wholesome food.

love it. love it loud, love it hard. let it laugh. let it forget regret.

let it sleep, long and deep and sound. let the rest sustain it.

let the sheer miraculous nature of everyday life infect it with joy and grace.

let the smallest shift in the breeze brush across it's face and let it smell the jasmine down the road, the sun cooking the earth underneath it's feet, or the rain that's coming just over the horizon.

teach the soul within to forgive, even those who deserve it least.

even to forgive itself, which may be the hardest path to forgiveness.

show the heart ensconced in the temple love. allow it feel and show empathy. to fully experience grace.

to take the wisdom the mind has learned, and meld with it.

a heart with wisdom and compassion is a heart healed.

a heart with both of these can forgive.

let the self tolerate no bullshit. because what whole self really has time for bullshit anymore.

not i.

let not the mind wander, nor the heart despair.

for there is joy.

there are tears.

there is sweat.

sweat to sustain.

sweat to cleanse and sweat to replenish.

the ache in the soul and in the heart that only sweat and tears can erase.

let the body, the soul, the heart, feel that ache dissipate.

let the mind know peace.

let the mind find silent stillness.

and let the mind be comfortable in that silence.

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